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PickleStrong Eyewear

The Professor

The Professor

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NTERCHANGEABLE ARM & STRAP: The specially designed stress resistant TR90 frame can meetmost of your outdoor sports needs. And side arms can be unclipped and exchanged for the retainer strap to add more safety but make you look like one of those guys 😃
COMFORTABLE: adjustable soft nose bridge to fit your nose better, built-in vent hole effectively prevents sweat from flowing into the eyes during pickleball.

Included Lenses

UV400 PROTECTIVE LENSES: Our photochromic sunglasses adopt safety and impact resistance UV400 protection coating PC lenses, blocks harmful UVA & UVB Rays and protect your eyes from the environmental elements and impact from the ball.
PHOTOCHROMIC TECHNOLOGY: PickleStrongs transition lens can automatically change from clear to dark gray in response to the intensity of the ultraviolet, effectively maintain a suitable brightness to protect your eyes in strong sunshine(The lenses must be in contact with sunlight to change colour directly.)

Product Series Info

In the grand derby of eyewear, “Kinda a Baller” is where function and fashion elbow each other for the front seat. Don’t get too excited; it’s not a free-for-all like in our Baller VIP section.

This is where we dial down the extravagance to save you some cash—think of it as the budget-friendly version of a champagne lifestyle. You’ll have a tighter lineup of lenses to pick from, but rest assured, each one is a heavyweight champion in the eye-protection arena.

Plus, they’re as comfy as your favorite pair of sweatpants. Expect top-tier guardianship for your gaze without the need to auction off your prized possessions.

Plot twist: enter our transition lenses, the James Bonds of the eyeglass world. These undercover agents adapt to the lighting with the smoothness of a spy changing disguises, darkening with the sun’s glare like they’re allergic to UV rays and lightening up in the dark as if they’ve just seen a ghost.

Why do these clever contraptions qualify as “Kinda a Baller”? Once you slip them on, the transformation is immediate. They add a sprinkle of class, a dollop of functionality, and a shield of protection that’s stronger than your average superhero’s armor. In essence, they make you look so irresistibly good, you’ll wonder if they come with a side of charm.

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Growth Through Tragedy

The PickleStrong Eyewear brand was born from a horrible accident on the Pickleball court. After almost losing his site entirely, the brand's founder Cassidy started PickleStrong as a way to spread awareness and protect the eyes of pickleball players everywhere.

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  • Pro Athlete

    I've always tried to protect my eyes when I play, but I've never been as comfortable as I am when I wear my PickleStrong glasses.

    Baller Series: Pink 
  • Marky Mark

    I bought these glasses for the court but I wear them everywhere - even when I'm performing with the Funky Bunch!

    Baller Series: Green 
  • Vanilla Ice

    Stop, collaborate and listen: if you haven't tried these glasses you don't know what you're missin'! These are nice, nice baby!

    Baller Series: White