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Pickle Strong Eyewear

White Lightning

White Lightning

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Want to channel your inner cool kid, turn back the clock on your appearance, and laugh in the face of rogue plastic balls? Your search ends here. This is the gear the cool kids are donning—and by “kids,” we mean those who know the secret handshake of ageless style and unflappable confidence. So, slap some of this white lightning across your visage and strut onto the field. Watch as your opponents do a double-take, envying not just your bulletproof look but the stylish shield you sport with effortless swag.



DURABLE FRAME: Full frame design with PC memory material, sunglasses have great durability, combine with high-quality lens that can protect your eyes from unwanted ball strikes to the eye.
CURVE & WIDER DESIGN: The lens provides a great field of vision, while also covering the entire eye socket from ball impact.
ULTRA LIGHT: 25g ultra light glasses with anti-slip nose pad and rubber ear pad, will give you no slip confidence while playing.

Included Lenses

UV400 PROTECTION: 100% UV400 protective for this sports sunglasses. Which is good for keeping lens clear. In daily use, our glasses can provide a more enjoyable Pickleball experience.

Product Series Info

In the grand derby of eyewear, “Kinda a Baller” is where function and fashion elbow each other for the front seat. Don’t get too excited; it’s not a free-for-all like in our Baller VIP section.

This is where we dial down the extravagance to save you some cash—think of it as the budget-friendly version of a champagne lifestyle. You’ll have a tighter lineup of lenses to pick from, but rest assured, each one is a heavyweight champion in the eye-protection arena.

Plus, they’re as comfy as your favorite pair of sweatpants. Expect top-tier guardianship for your gaze without the need to auction off your prized possessions.

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Growth Through Tragedy

The PickleStrong Eyewear brand was born from a horrible accident on the Pickleball court. After almost losing his site entirely, the brand's founder Cassidy started PickleStrong as a way to spread awareness and protect the eyes of pickleball players everywhere.

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  • Pro Athlete

    I've always tried to protect my eyes when I play, but I've never been as comfortable as I am when I wear my PickleStrong glasses.

    Baller Series: Pink 
  • Marky Mark

    I bought these glasses for the court but I wear them everywhere - even when I'm performing with the Funky Bunch!

    Baller Series: Green 
  • Vanilla Ice

    Stop, collaborate and listen: if you haven't tried these glasses you don't know what you're missin'! These are nice, nice baby!

    Baller Series: White