Our Story


PickleStrong® eyewear was developed because the founder Cassidy Phillips was injured not once but twice by getting hit in the eye! His last injury nearly blinded his left eye. It was a highly traumatic experience that led to the desire to make eyewear mandatory. Cassidy set out to develop eyewear that is not only protective but also looks good.


pickleball eye injury

The PickleStrong® eyewear line represents fashion, function, and protection. Each product line begins with one or all of these categories, all meeting the requirements necessary for protective eyewear.

Pickleball has given Cassidy Phillips, and so many others, the ability to remain competitive at an older age. The PSE team believes that our eyewear represents an image of confidence both on and off the court.

Cassidy’s eyesight was almost taken away by a careless decision to not wear protective eyewear, despite having four pairs in his bag. Don’t underestimate the vulnerability of your eyes! Wear protection you can trust, and it doesn’t hurt to look good while doing

  • You kind of forget that your eye is connected to every aspect of your life. My equilibrium was off. My depth perception was off, it was easiest to just sit in a dark room, with both of my eyes shut.

  • This is the night that accident happened, I was a bit in shock had already spent hours at a doctor, and didn’t know what I was going to be dealing with.

  • The next day reality started to sit in, my eye was incredibly painful. I could see nothing, I could only feel the weight of my eye and honestly I was just scared.

  • Looking at this images, so scary because I could not see anything out of my injured eye and I didn’t know that I was going to get the color back, or honestly if I was going to be able to see again.

  • What you’re looking at is a huge blood clot sitting in the front of my eye, blocking any kind of vision, doctors could not see behind the blood clot and I couldn’t see what was in front of it.

  • When I would put the drops into my eyes, and I had to take so many drops every single day, my eye would get irritated, red burning, my head would hurt. This was all necessary to try to overcome the challenge.