In the vibrant world of pickleball, Scott Mannetta emerged as a luminary, birthing the phenomenon known as PickleStrong®. This isn't just a brand; it's the heart and soul of pickleball incarnate. It transcends skill levels, echoing a universal call to embrace the joy of play. At the core of PickleStrong® lies a deep-seated belief in community—a tapestry woven from countless games and shared laughter. Mannetta's creation has clad enthusiasts in unparalleled apparel, adorning players from local courts to international arenas.

Enter Cassidy Phillips, a visionary propelled by personal adversity. After a harrowing eye injury, Phillips saw an opportunity to forge a partnership with PickleStrong®, a beacon of community spirit and the sheer delight of the game. This collaboration wasn't just about creating eyewear; it was about safeguarding the joy and inclusivity of pickleball.

Recognizing pickleball's meteoric rise as one of the globe's fastest-growing sports, we saw a golden chance to extend a hand to those in the shadows—individuals for whom protective eyewear remained a distant dream. Our "Giving for Goods" initiative pledges to deliver PickleStrong NAB products to those in need, be it in bustling local parks, underserved American neighborhoods, or remote corners across the seas. An exposed eye bears the risk of life-altering injuries, a risk we're determined to mitigate.

Phillips and Mannetta stand united against the dual adversaries of obstinance and economic hardship, ensuring no player is left unprotected.

If you find yourself on a court, unshielded or simply unable to afford protective gear, don't be taken aback if we, or one of our ambassadors, step in to shield your gaze. It's easy to question the significance of providing eyewear to low-income areas, but consider this: the absence of proper care post-injury is a grim reality for many, both globally and within the United States. This isn't just about protection; it's a crusade to envelop every eye within the pickleball realm, eliminating the gamble of injury. Join us on this mission, where every court is a vista of safeguarded dreams and unwavering community bonds.

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