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PickleStrong Eyewear

The Future of PICKLESTRONG team apparel

The Future of PICKLESTRONG team apparel

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Are you interest in being part of a movement, not just the pickleball movement but a movement that allows you to be a leader in your community. PICKLESTRONG is one of the oldest brands in the Pickleball arena and community has always been the air within the wings of the brand. Now we have something to add to that community and that’s protection from unwanted “balls” hitting anyones eyes. 

We believe that protection has never looked so good or felt so empowering! Join the PICKLEBALL Team and truly be a game changer in your community.  

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  • Pro Athlete

    I've always tried to protect my eyes when I play, but I've never been as comfortable as I am when I wear my PickleStrong glasses.

    Baller Series: Pink 
  • Marky Mark

    I bought these glasses for the court but I wear them everywhere - even when I'm performing with the Funky Bunch!

    Baller Series: Green 
  • Vanilla Ice

    Stop, collaborate and listen: if you haven't tried these glasses you don't know what you're missin'! These are nice, nice baby!

    Baller Series: White