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PickleStrong Eyewear

Baller Black

Baller Black

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Step into the “Be a Baller” zone, where eyewear isn’t just about looking good—it’s a trifecta of style, functionality, and impenetrable protection. You can count on lenses that won’t give up the ghost under pressure, frames stronger than your morning coffee, and a nose piece that fits your unique facial structure. With five different lenses to swap out, you’re ready to rock those protected peepers in any scenario—be it a high-stakes game or a casual day out—confident that your vision will remain as clear, and your eyes safeguarded..


  • Lightweight, Durable Frame: Engineered for comfort and endurance, these frames are built to last without weighing you down.

  • 5 Interchangeable Polycarbonate Lenses: Adapt to any lighting condition with ease, ensuring pro-level protection and optimal vision.

  • Clip-On Prescription Lens Frame: Easily attach your prescription lenses (prescription not included) for personalized vision correction.

  • Lens Vents to Eliminate Fogging: Strategically placed vents keep your lenses clear, no matter how intense the activity.

  • Adjustable Rubber Nose Piece: Customizable fit ensures maximum comfort and stability during wear.

  • “No Slip” Rubber Arm Pad Reinforcements: Enhanced grip prevents slipping, keeping your glasses securely in place.

  • Sweat-Reducing Design: Custom designed to sit off the face, reducing sweat buildup on the lenses for clearer vision.

  • ANSI Z87.1 Approved Lenses: All lenses meet rigorous safety standards, providing reliable protection for your eyes.

What’s Included? 

  • 5 Interchangeable Lenses: Yellow, gray, HD colorful, clear, and black polarized lenses to suit all lighting conditions.

  • Durable Carrying Case: Protect your glasses and lenses with a sturdy case.

  • Cloth Pouch: Perfectly sized to fit one pair of frames for easy transport.

  • Lens Cleaning Cloth: Keep your lenses spotless with the included microfiber cloth.

  • Clip-On Prescription Frame: Easily attachable frame for your prescription lenses (prescription not included).


Frames were designed to sit off of the face to keep sweat off of the lenses.
Adjustable nose piece
Ventilated lenses
Rubber temples
Durable Frame
Poly carbonate Lenses UV400, 100% Protection

Included Lenses

5 Different Ansi approved Lenses
Yellow Polarized Lens for a Clearer View during low light play
HD Colorful Lens for UV Protection
Silver Lens for UV Protection on a hot sunny day
Black Polarized Lens for Strong Light & UV Protection, best for off the court
HD Clear Lens for Clearer View when you don’t want anything between you and the ball & UV Protection

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Alan Jenkins
Best in game eyewear I’ve used

Great style, and the sweat stays off the glasses unlike most others! Love these💯

Anne Wismer
Baller Pink Glasses - LOVE THESE

These are the best eyewear I’ve ever worn on the courts. Highly recommend.

Alfredo Sequera

Todo bien la entrega, con respecto al producto, lo único malo, es que dónde va la nariz, el apoyador, es de un plástico muy duro y no se amorda, cuando correr no quede ajustado

Barbara Langer
Best eyewear for Pickleball!

I had been searching for eye protection to eliminate glare and to protect my eyes during Pickleball. I am a contact lens wearer & these not only protect against those things, they are vented at the top and therefore do not fog up nor do they allow dirt to get into my eyes and under my contacts. I saw them on the Pro at our Club during a recent clinic & tried them & ordered them the same day. They came in 2 days. Great glasses! I hit the white & also the blue.

Maria Ramos

They are light weight and very comfortable. I like that they come with different lenses so that I can change them depending on time of day. Great Price !!!