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Pickle Strong Eyewear

The Lab Rat

The Lab Rat

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These glasses cater to the pragmatists among us, the noble souls who prioritize ocular safety over making a style statement. The best eye protection money can buy? Perhaps not. Will they survive a direct hit or two? Let’s just say they’re the optimists in the world of eyewear.

Consider them the disposable heroes of your sports bag: low-commitment, high-convenience. Stock up, distribute them like party favors among your comrades, and ensure every eye in the vicinity remains guarded. After all, on the court of life, no eye should go unprotected!

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  • Pro Athlete

    I've always tried to protect my eyes when I play, but I've never been as comfortable as I am when I wear my PickleStrong glasses.

    Baller Series: Pink 
  • Marky Mark

    I bought these glasses for the court but I wear them everywhere - even when I'm performing with the Funky Bunch!

    Baller Series: Green 
  • Vanilla Ice

    Stop, collaborate and listen: if you haven't tried these glasses you don't know what you're missin'! These are nice, nice baby!

    Baller Series: White